“Chefsache” – reviews to “Der Kaiser von Atlantis” premiere

The Dusseldorf Symphony Orchestra under Axel Kober succeeds in tracing the unconditional nature of music in sharp contours and at the same time allowing the soloistic delicacy of the orchestral timbres to unfold.

Wolfram Goertz, Rheinische Post

In Dusseldorf, they play on the big stage, the orchestra sits in the pit as usual and at the podium is GMD Axel Kober, who thus makes the start of the season a matter for the boss – and the grand opera. At no point does he take the collage-like music, which oscillates between late romanticism, the time opera of the 1920s and revue operetta, too lightly. […] Ullmann’s opera is taken musically seriously and finds in Kober a quite excellent advocate who brings the peculiarities of this composition to sound magnificently.

Stefan Schmöe, Omm 

Axel Kober and the Dusseldorf Symphony Orchestra were able to awake all the diversity of the score with a multifaceted interpretation.

Alexandra Richter, Bachtrack

If the evening nevertheless becomes haunting and intense, this is not least due to the convincing actors and the above-average inspiration of Axel Kobers Dusseldorf Symphony Orchestra.

Markus Schwering, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger